State of the art technology
in Healthcare

We offer solutions in radiology, nuclear medicine and oncology.

Authorized medical
equipment distributor
Comprehensive medical equipment.
Exclusive distributor of AYCAN Digitalsyteme
GmbH imaging solutions. Xerox business partner

Our Values


We offer technological support for specialties like radiology, nuclear medicine, oncology. We believe that digital solutions not only enhance the effectiveness of healthcare, but also make it more friendly for patients, and more efficient for medical personnel.


Latest technological solutions we offer enable medical personnel to respond to patients’ needs quicker and more effectively, being at the same time environmentally friendly, with sustainability in mind.


Through our offer we support high technical standards in healthcare. We care for upholding international standards. Patients’ satisfaction and wellbeing are for us the single most important principle.

PMDC is a guarantee for:

Faster growth (up to 70%)

Cost reduction (up to 65%)

Increased effectiveness in in diagnosis

at the center of modern healthcare»

We provide our clients with services and professional technical assistance allowing quick and effective integration of our solutions into existing clients’ working environment. Our services are coupled with real time, remote access technical assistance.


Our Team

We believe that combination of knowledge, experience and passion is the key to improve both the comfort of patients and doctors’ working environment. Our team possess a significant level of hands - on experience, our people are highly trained professionals who are dedicated to contribute to both safety and effectiveness of treatments and patients’ comfort through applying state of the art technological solutions.

“For many years we’ve been developing cooperation with various partners in healthcare sector. We participate in professional conferences and events, both in Poland and international locations, with a clear goal to take part of knowledge and experience sharing and contributing to greater levels of professionalism. Our market expertise provides us with an unique ability of presenting state of the art offer consisting of products and services appropriated for healthcare facilities”.

«Products and services
our offer»

We’re Xerox business partner and exclusive distributor
of Aycan xray print solution in Poland .


We offer a state of the art medical imaging printing system for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The technology is based on DICOM standard, and dedicated for nuclear medicine, oncology, tele-radiology, and mammography. Our solution allows for quick information sharing and supports effective management of medical documentation.


Aycan xray print system allows for easy and quick creation of high quality medical imaging printouts on regular paper. It provides an very effective and environmentally friendly way of reviewing the documentation by specialists, adding remarks and bookmarks. Standard sizes of printouts – A5, A4 and A3 - make storage and transportation very easy, without any additional requirements attached. The system allows for printing both color and b&w. radiological and other images such as CT, MRI, MRT, US, CR, DR, PET, XA.

Our Offer covers the following specialties.





Our Client support system covers professional technical assistance, allowing for quick and effective integration of our solutions into client’s working environment.


Our Client support system covers professional technical assistance, allowing for quick and effective integration of our solutions into client’s working environment.


We welcome passionate people with different educational backgrounds and specialties.

Current Career opportunities:
At the moment we’re not looking for employees. As it may however change anytime, we encourage you to follow our website closely.


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